3 Ways To Improve Your Web Content

Now more than ever, content is king! This probably isn't news to anyone who has ever owned or managed a website. Most internet marketers are familiar with the constant struggle of producing a steady stream of content to stay relevant and bolster search rankings. While content production at a steady rate is an important factor, a highly overlooked principal in content marketing is quality is more important than quantity.

A few years ago, internet marketers and content marketers began pouring out blog posts and web articles loaded with keywords. While this may bring you more traffic, it does not help you with the most important objective; conversions. It's something like if you were to invite everyone you knew over for a house party with no food, drinks or music. Sure they might show up, but before long they're going to leave. This same idea holds true with the content you publish online. The idea isn't to get people to simply look at it, you want them to feel engaged, intrigued and motivated to take action.

Here are 3 tips you can use to step up your content performance:

1. Upgrade your content mediums - Web articles and blog posts can be useful, but the abundance of content on the internet in this form leaves something to be desired for many users searching for information. Try publishing the following instead:

  • Infographics - Infographics are a creative way to present information to your audience. It condenses the information into visuals that are fun and easy to digest. For web researchers it is a nice break from the thousands of lines of text they read on a daily basis.

  • Data Visualizations - Numbers don't lie. When you show trends and surprising statistics through well-planned data visualizations, there's a good chance your viewers will want to learn more.

  • E-Books - It sounds like a daunting task, but publishing an e-book that helps people understand your product or services as well as the industry in which your business operates. It also serves as an asset that can be downloaded, shared, or offered for free in exchange for email addresses or other info to add to your database.

  • White Papers - To become a thought leader in your industry, white papers will allow you to show your true understanding of your field. The information you provide will enlighten people on why your business is important and how it will help them.

  • Video - Social media platforms with video sharing features such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have made video marketing a worthwhile endeavor. Publishing video content allows your users to see your brand from a multi-dimensional perspective, and has much higher potential for sharing.

2. Elicit an emotional response - Remember that your audience are people. In order to keep them intrigued by your content, you will need to connect with them by offering more than catchy tag lines and promotional jargon. Think about the reaction your users will have to a piece of content you're about to publish, and be honest! If the content focuses more on promoting the brand or product, it has a very low chance of hitting home with users online. A study published in The Harvard Business Review takes this concept a step further, analyzing the effect each emotion has on the way users engage with content. The study found that high-arousal emotions. or emotions with more of an element of excitement such as anger and happiness, led to more commenting. Emotions such as admiration and inspiration led to more social shares.

3. Use data effectively - Making a hollow claim that "X is better than Y" without giving any statistical evidence to back it up is not going to fool many of today's savvy internet users. Presenting data in a way that shows useful information is a very effective way of grabbing attention, and convincing readers to learn more. Spend some time researching your topic, finding relevant datasets and cross-analyzing to find a relationship that may be intriguing or surprising to your audience. You can also generate your own data by creating surveys and quizzes online. Then, tell people what you found and why it is important. While this technique may take a bit more time and brainpower, well-done data-driven campaigns can land your content with big-name publishers and might even get you on the news.

If you have been relying on blog posts and standard articles for your web content, these three ideas will help you improve the quality of your content immensely. Remember that spending extra time on high-quality content is far more effective than producing lackluster content at a high rate. Good luck!

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