Marketing Campaigns

There are more ways than ever to market your brand online. Our team of experienced digital marketers will develop strategies that will work for YOUR business, then execute, analyze and repeat. We'll help you utilize digital platforms to reach your target audience and create an online brand that people love.   

Social Media

 Social media allows you to form more intimate relationships with your customers, and reach people who might be interested in your product. There are dozens of social media platforms, each providing a different angle for your customers to view your company. The marketing potential is absolutely massive, but many companies don't have the personnel or the time to take full advantage of social media marketing opportunities. Content Cafe offers a wide range of social media services including social media strategy, account management, content creation and paid advertising.  

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are ads that allow you to target users searching for products and services like yours. Your ad will appear in search engines and web pages to those users. PPC campaigns can be a great way to generate quality traffic to your website, but there is a degree of expertise that is required in order to maximize your return. At Content Cafe, our experienced digital marketers have the knowledge that is required to build, launch and monitor successful PPC campaigns that will significantly boost traffic to your website.



Content Marketing

Content marketing is an form of digital marketing that involves producing high-quality, shareable content on your website or blog. Content marketing is highly effective when it's done properly and has become increasingly popular in recent years because search engines have made strides to weed out websites using manipulative tactics to improve their website traffic through search. The idea behind content marketing is to provide users with useful and compelling information. Our content has been featured by major news channels such as CNBC, Forbes, CBS and many others, earning valuable links for our clients.  

There has never been a better time to publish video content on the web. Video marketing can be an extremely effective method of raising brand awareness, increasing web traffic, and engaging an audience on social media. Content Cafe partners with video teams around the globe to produce quality video content that will promote your business online. Content Cafe will have your video sponsored on YouTube, Facebook and other video platforms to reach your target audience. We offer all of the scriptwriting, video shooting, editing and promoting services  you'll need to put high-quality ads on the internet. 

Video Marketing